About Vermont Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott

Lt. Governor Phil Scott was born in Barre and is a graduate of Spaulding High School and the University of Vermont.  In 2000, he was elected to the Vermont Senate, where he represented Washington County for five terms. During his 10-year service in the Senate, he was Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee and Chair of the Institutions Committee. He was elected Vermont’s 79th Lieutenant Governor in 2010.

According to the Vermont Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor has three statutory obligations:

  • Standing in for the Governor when the Governor is out of state;
  • Presiding over the Senate;
  • Casting a tie-breaking vote in the Senate if necessary.

Phil Scott with plansIn addition to these duties, Lt. Gov. Scott also launched a “Vermont Everyday Jobs” initiative, where he works a few hours in other people’s shoes. Since 2011, he has worked at more than 35 organizations around the state, from manufacturing to beekeeping to teaching second grade.

Phil Scott, construction equipment and hard hatOutside of the State House, Lt. Gov. Scott is co-owner of DuBois Construction, an excavation company in Middlesex. His construction experience has been invaluable to the Legislature and to state government. As an example, after Tropical Storm Irene ravaged Vermont in 2011, Lt. Gov. Scott organized the removal and disposal of mobile homes around the state that had been destroyed by the flood, all at no cost to homeowners and without spending any taxpayer dollars.

Wheel for WarmthIn 2005, Phil founded the Wheels for Warmth program, in which Vermonters donate tires they no longer need. The tires that meet state inspection standards are offered for resale at affordable prices the last weekend in October, with all proceeds (more than $309,000 to date) benefiting heating fuel assistance programs. The tires that are not inspectable are recycled.

During the summer, you can find Phil at Barre’s Thunder Road International Speedbowl, where he has raced the #14 car since 1992. He has the most career wins as a Late Model driver at Thunder Road.

Number 14 racingNumber 14 poseThe Lt. Governor’s love for anything with wheels isn’t just confined to the racetrack. He's also an avid cyclist; he completed a statewide, 567-mile bicycle tour over a 9-day period in the fall of 2012, and regularly participates in cycling challenges and fundraisers around Vermont. 

Phil Scott lives in Berlin and is married to Diana McTeague Scott. He has two grown daughters, Erica and Rachael.