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Public Statement: Lt. Governor Gray Recognizing the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend

Submitted by on Fri, 07/01/2022 - 10:46

Montpelier, Vt. This morning, Lt. Governor Molly Gray released the following statement recognizing the Fourth of July holiday weekend:


“This weekend, Vermonters, as well as Americans across this country, will celebrate our nation's founding. Independence Day is a celebration of courage, freedom, history, and sacrifice. Throughout our nation's history, Vermont has been a leader in our nation's continuous work to become a more perfect union. On consequential – and at times difficult – issues, Vermont has been a principled and thoughtful national voice, encouraging this country to strive towards its founding ideals. This moment is no different and as President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: ‘freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.’ This is our greatest work.


Mike and I are looking forward to spending time celebrating our nation’s independence with friends and family and getting outside to enjoy the beauty of our Green Mountain State. We wish all Vermonters a safe, relaxing, and happy Fourth of July.”