Statement on Dr. Ford Testimony and Sexual Violence

27 September 2018

Statement on Dr. Blasey Ford Testimony

MONTPELIER: Lt. Governor Zuckerman offered the following statement on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing today and sexual violence in our society.

“Like many Americans I have been closely following the nomination proceedings and information submitted about Judge Kavanaugh. As the father of a young daughter I feel today may be one of the most important in our modern history. Let me be clear, I believe survivors.

Today our elected officials have the opportunity to stand with women and to show their ability to learn and evolve with the times. In 1991 Anita Hill was accused, belittled and humiliated on the stand. I greatly appreciated the remarks Senator Leahy made before questioning Dr. Ford today but wonder, will the current U.S. Senate acknowledge the life-long impact of trauma on memory? Will they give the same value to the words of Dr. Ford that they gave to Judge Kavanaugh? Will they agree to a non-partisan, FBI investigation? Will they take the time needed to ensure our US Supreme Court is not clouded with controversy and mis-trust? As I’ve moved through my day I’ve been listening intently, while on the tractor, in the car and in my office, for the answers to these and other questions. From what I have heard I can say I am deeply appreciative for the bravery Dr. Ford has shown and the sacrifice she and her family have made on behalf of all survivors of sexual violence.

Tonight, I will head to St. Johnsbury for my Lt. Governor’s Monthly Movie, which just happens to be Tough Guise 2. This movie, selected more than six months ago, looks at the root causes of male violence in our society. After the movie I will be hosting a panel discussion with Henekis Stoddard, the Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist for UmbrellaNEK. I’m sure members of the community will be looking at connections from the film and today’s discussions. The movie takes place at the United Community Church at 7:00 and is free and open to the public.”

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