Lt. Governor Zuckerman’s Statement on Murder of George Floyd

01 June 2020

The murder of George Floyd is a horrific reminder of how far we are from racial equity here in Vermont and around the country. I am outraged at the loss of life and the persistent unequal treatment of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters. Systemic racism and disproportionate arrests of and violence toward people of color must be addressed in our criminal justice system and society at large. We must address the disproportionate and unjustified killings of our black and brown brothers and sisters and implement systems of accountability now.   

George Floyd died for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill at a deli, a relatively minor offense that people do every day and yet they don’t get murdered by police officers for it. Our whole system, from our laws, to society’s underlying and invisible bias has failed people of color and will continue to fail unless a shift occurs from top to bottom. We see it in criminal injustice, health and welfare outcomes, home ownership, and economic disparities.

Racial Equality is an absolute necessity NOW, not soon, not “one day, hopefully.” In the fight for an anti-racist world, we have a responsibility to combat hate, discrimination, and unfair treatment of our fellow humans.  Vermont has made some progress on these issues although we still have a way to go.

What I’d like to do is lead a conversation on how we can move forward together to drive positive change.  Join me Thursday, June 4th at 10:00 am for a live conversation with Captain Garry Scott, Director of Fair and Impartial Policing for Vt. State Police and Vermont Director of Racial Equity, Xusana Davis. The conversation will focus on policies the Vermont State Police have been implementing over the last decade, outcomes from those policies and what Vermont must do to improve our outcomes and address racial and implicit bias in our state. We'll stream the Racial Equality Roundtable live on Facebook:

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