Lt. Governor Alarmed by Homeland Security Directive

21 February 2017

MONTPELIER: Earlier today, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly provided instructions for the implementation of the recent executive order on border security and immigration enforcement. The memoranda directs Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to recruit and deputize local law enforcement officers and to assist in increased federal deportation effort.

“This brings a new urgency to passage of S.79, an act calling for freedom from compulsory collection of personal information,” said Lt. Governor Zuckerman. “Secretary Kelly’s implementation memoranda represents an unnecessary and dangerous expansion of the agency.”

In Vermont, State and local law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to protect the rights and security of all Vermont residents.

“Passage of S.79 would ensure that expansion of the authority to enter into federal law enforcement would rest squarely with the Governor’s office,” explained Zuckerman. “I look forward to the Governor’s continued leadership to protect Vermonters from the President’s irrational behavior.”


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