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08 March 2017

Yesterday Vermonters from across the state made their voices heard by participating in traditional town meetings as well as heading to the polls. The vast majority cast their ballots in support of their local school budgets as well as many successful Act 46 mergers.

“I want to congratulate our school board members for their diligence in balancing hard earned taxpayer dollars with the quality education our children deserve,” said Lt. Governor Zuckerman. “I encourage them to continue exploring possible savings from Act 46 and minimizing future expenses.”

Lt. Governor Zuckerman is an avid supporter of early education and higher education and data repeatedly shows these investments pay dividends in the long run. Like many Vermonters, he understands we must clean up and protect our waterways, and maintain protections for the most vulnerable in our state.

Zuckerman said, “The Legislature was presented with a budget that was not balanced and didn’t reflect these priorities. I applaud the progress the House Appropriations committee is making to meet our goals of a balanced budget while making headway cleaning our waterways and maintaining our safety net for our most vulnerable Vermonters. I will remind legislators, that while many cannot afford to pay more taxes, there are those whose incomes have climbed dramatically since the recession and we could look there to meet our common goals,” Zuckerman noted.

Legislators have the rest of this week in their communities before heading back to Montpelier for the second half of the session.

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