Governor Ignores Voters’ Will on Marijuana

24 May 2017

Earlier today Governor Phil Scott vetoed S.22, a bill that would have legalized cannabis and formed a commission to develop a Vermont-style law to responsibly tax and regulate sales in Vermont. 

Upon learning of the veto, Lt. Governor Zuckerman, a longtime proponent said, “I am sad to see the Governor disregard the will of most Vermonters and reduce individual liberties in our state. Prohibition has failed and causes approximately 100,000 Vermonters to be labeled lawbreakers.  Vermont is now lagging behind other states in the region and is missing opportunities to capture revenue from an underground market that would allow us to address highway safety, drug education and treatment, and other needed state investments to reduce the temptation of drug use. For the Governor to veto this bill over the makeup of the commission seems very short sighted.” 

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