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Youth Initiative

Our children are our future. That is why I have launched my Youth Initiative with the goal of empowering Vermont youth to participate in civic engagement. Whether it is locally, in Montpelier, or nationally, they have fresh ideas and a unique perspective that must be included in our discussions.

As your Lieutenant Governor I look forward to launching additional  initiatives that support the priorities below and the concerns I have heard from Vermonters as I've travled the state. If you have ideas that you would like to share please contact my office.

Supporting our Rural Economy

Small, family businesses are the backbone of our rural communities. We need to grow our diverse farming sectors, improve the forest products industry, and expand rural telecom infrastructure.

Protecting our Environment

As a farmer I feel the impacts of climate change each season. We must continue to invest in renewables and reduce our fossil energy use, do even more to clean up our rivers and lakes, and divest our state funds from the fossil fuel industry.

Boosting Wages and Improving Working Conditions

Ensuring Vermonters have a livable wage, paid sick days, and can organize in the workplace are all good for families. We must invest in early childhood education and healthy food for our children. As your Lieutenant Governor, I will work every day to end the wage gap. By working together, we can show the nation that an economy and communities thrive with equal pay and fair housing. We can end gender stereotypes and inequality and ensure that tolerance and decency flourish.

Easing Property Taxes

The current property tax structure is regressive and gives the wealthy a tax break. We need to ease property tax burdens so Vermonters can use more of their hard-earned money to meet basic needs. This session, I’ve supported a bill that proposes lowering property tax rates for households earning less than $200,000. We passed legislation that includes modeling this reform in time for the 2017 session. This should bring us one step closer to a fairer tax system that works for all Vermonters, not just those on top.


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