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Dear Fellow Vermonters,

Thank you for your desire to participate in our democracy and bring your voice to the table. We have the incredible privilege to live in the longest active functioning democracy, but to continue functioning well, it is the responsibility of citizens to participate by working with your legislators, organizing around issues and voting. Over the past year I have been speaking around the state and asking Vermonters to start by budgeting fifteen minutes a week for democracy. I want to thank everyone who makes this commitment, and especially those who give more than fifteen minutes. Last year we saw the power of our collective voices when millions of Americans came out for the women’s march, flooded the airports to protest unjust immigration reform, and successfully spoke against repealing the Affordable Care Act. Your voice, unique perspective, and personal experience are valuable and sharing them will have an impact on the issues you are passionate about.

As a citizen, you have the power to help ensure good legislation by contacting your representatives, talking to your friends or co-workers, writing a letter to the editor or posting on Front Porch Forum, building a grassroots network or even running for public office. This Guide includes information on how to undertake each of these activities.

My office is dedicated to providing opportunities for access and information about issues currently taking place in the legislature. I invite you to:

  • Attend ‘Coffee with Constituents’ from 8:30-10:00AM every Friday when the legislature is in session. This is an opportunity to come to my office in the State House, have a cup of coffee or tea, and talk with me and others in the room about issues important to you. We can help you identify which legislators are working on the issue, what committee may be taking testimony, and approaches for the greatest impact.
  • Tune in to ‘Lunchtime Town Hall: Weekly Conversation with Lt. Governor David Zuckerman and Guests’ from 12:00-12:30PM streaming live on my Facebook Page @VTLtGov every Wednesday during the legislative session. Weekly conversations will focus on topical bills and you are welcome to post questions before or during via Facebook.
  • Sign-up to receive the Lt. Governor Zuckerman email newsletter. Just email us a request. If you already receive the newsletter invite some of your friends to sign-up. This is sent every 2-4 weeks and highlights important issues, suggests actions, answers questions, and lists upcoming events I will be attending. The guide also includes information on attending public forums, contacting your elected representatives, and a list of issue based organizations.

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, has been credited with the statement, “The office of Citizen is the highest in our land.” I hope you will take this call to action and join me in service to our state and country.

Access the Citizen Guide PDF



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