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Committee on Committees Public Appointments

Thank you for your interest in a public appointment by the Vermont Committee on Committees.

The Committee (Lt. Governor Molly Gray, Senate Pro Tempore Becca Balint, Sen. Dick Mazza) will process your application and contact you if necessary.

Questions about the Committee on Committees public appointment application can be directed to:

If you would like to apply and provide responses to the application questions over the phone, via a video submission, or voice recording submission, rather than the webform, please contact the Committee on Committees at: or 802-828-2226 for accommodations.

Printed, physical applications can be submitted and mailed to: 

   Senate Committee on Committees
   Office of the Lieutenant Governor
   115 State Street
   Montpelier, Vermont 05633

The Environmental Justice Advisory Council was created by Act 154 to provide independent advice and recommendations related to environmental justice to Vermont state government, including the integration of environmental justice principles into State programs, policies, regulations, legislation, and activities. The Council will also evaluate the potential for disproportionate environmental burdens or benefits as a result of State actions.

The 11-member Advisory Council will meet no more than eight times per year, with at least four meetings occurring jointly with the Interagency Environmental Justice Committee. Meetings may be held in person, remotely, or in a hybrid format. The Advisory Council will have the administrative, technical, and legal assistance of the Agency of Natural Resources.

Most volunteers who are not otherwise receiving a state salary for board or commission service will be eligible to receive a per diem of at least $50 per day for their service.

The Vermont Commission on Women is an independent non-partisan state government commission, governed by 16 Commissioners with the mission of advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls in Vermont. The Commission meets monthly. You can learn more at

Most volunteers who are not otherwise receiving a state salary for board or commission service will be eligible to receive a per diem of at least $50 per day for their service.
Year Round Resident

The Committee on Committees seeks to appoint people from throughout the State and from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, age, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We also seek a diversity of expertise related to the mission of the board/commission, including lived experience, volunteer experience, professional experience, and technical/academic experience. Applicants with non-traditional work and career paths are encouraged to apply for any appointment where they believe they would excel. 

Ideal candidates will have experience working with a diverse group of partners toward a shared goal, be solutions-oriented problem solvers, have excellent critical-thinking skills, and will serve as connectors between their communities/networks and the work of the board/commission.

Please list two persons unrelated to you that we can contact as a reference for your appointment:


The following information is elicited in order to ensure that the committee considers the talent and creativity of a diverse pool of candidates. In addition, specific backgrounds for qualifications are legally required for appointment to some boards and commissions. 


Conflict of Interest

The following information is intended to promote transparency, and prevent possible conflicts of interest between appointees and the boards and commissions on which they serve. If a question doesn’t apply to you, please answer “no”.
Have you ever been elected or appointed to public office (including other boards or commissions)?
Have you held or do you hold an occupational or professional license or certificate in the State of Vermont or any other state?
Have you been, or are you now, a registered lobbyist?
Have you or members of your immediate family or businesses in which you or they have been an owner, officer, or employee, had any contractual or other direct dealings during the last 4 years with any government agency?
If you are applying for a public member slot on a licensing board, have you or members of your immediate family been a member of this profession or associated professions?
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