Wheels for Warmth

In 2004, then-Senator Phil Scott founded the Wheels for Warmth program, which brings Vermonters together to address three needs:

  1. people who have tires in their garage they don't need, and want to sell or dispose of;
  2. people who need good quality, pre-owned winter tires at affordable prices; and
  3. people who need fuel assistance to help them heat their homes in the winter.

To date, Wheels for Warmth has raised more than $213,500, recycled thousands of tires, and placed thousands of tires back into service.


Wheels for Warmth takes place every year, the last weekend in October. Here’s how it works. Vermonters donate tires they no longer need. The tires that meet state inspection standards are offered for resale at a maximum of $25 apiece, with all proceeds benefiting heating fuel assistance programs. The tires that are not inspectable are recycled.

Recycling, conservation, and keeping a few more families warm during tough times – all this without a single grant or piece of legislation. For more information about Wheels for Warmth, visit their website or their Facebook page.