Lt. Gov. Scott works at Price Chopper

July 18, 2013 – Lt. Governor Phil Scott took his “Vermont Everyday Jobs Tour” to Bennington yesterday, where he worked at the local Price Chopper supermarket. The Lt. Governor re-stocked shelves, frosted cupcakes, boxed up cookie orders, and bagged orders in the checkout line.

Amanda Clayton, who trained the Lt. Governor on making pizzas, said she was reluctant to let him move on from the deli station. “He’s a quick learner. He’s the only newbie I’ve ever had who can cut every pizza perfectly straight!”

Scott’s “Vermont Everyday Jobs Tour” allows him to take the pulse of businesses around the state, and yesterday was no exception. “I was surprised by the longevity of the store’s employees. The staff members I worked with yesterday had been there 10, 15 years, and I also talked with a customer who had retired after working 35 years at the store,” he said.

“I was also impressed by their attention to customer service, and I actually found that was one of my biggest challenges.” Scott, outfitted yesterday in store-branded cap and apron, explained he was often stopped by customers who asked him to help them find a particular item. “I had to tell them it was my first day, and it’s a big store, but I did my best to help. Finally, one man asked me for something I had just put away, and I was able to walk him right over to the Swedish Fish. That was a proud moment,” Scott said.

Pat Iannotti, Price Chopper district manager, said the team enjoyed having the Lt. Governor working alongside them yesterday. “Phil’s willingness to spend time with our customers and Price Chopper teammates was very well received and appreciated. He was genuine and sincere. I’m glad we got the opportunity to get to know him.”