Phil Scott becomes nation's first Acting Governor to win a stock car race

June 21, 2013 -- With Governor Peter Shumlin out of town, Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott took the first stock-car-race victory for an Acting Governor in the nation’s history. Scott took the checkers in the 50-lap Late Model Feature at Barre’s Thunder Road on Thursday night, June 20.

Lt. Gov. Scott had this to say about the state and national “first”:

“Anytime you win at Thunder Road, it's a big deal, because it's a difficult thing to accomplish. This track is more challenging than any place I've ever raced. 

“Racing as the Lieutenant Governor is probably historic enough, but to be acting governor with that asterisk beside your name is really gratifying.

“Growing up in Barre, Thunder Road is a part of me. I feel comfortable there, and the fans are comfortable with me, too. There's no question that their support helped me get my start in politics.

“My roots are blue collar, and Thunder Road keeps me connected. In all the circles I now find myself in as Lieutenant Governor of the state, coming to Thunder Road every week keeps me grounded and humbled, because at the track on a weekly basis, I'm just number 14. I'm not Phil Scott, Lieutenant Governor, and they treat me the same as everyone else. 

“I think the fans also recognize that I connect them to some of the most powerful people in this state. I'm in a position to make sure their voices are heard. A lot of the constituents that I hear from in the Lt. Governor's office are Thunder Road fans, who have problems and worries just like everyone else. But they know they can pick up the phone and call me, and I'll try to help. And it might be the first time that a lot of them felt that kind of connection to state government.

“So that's why my win at Thunder Road as Acting Governor is more important than any other win. Not because of the race itself, but because it stands for all of that -- those connections, and empowering regular people.”

Phil Scott has raced the #14 Late Model car at Thunder Road since 1992. Thursday night’s race added a 28th win to Scott’s resume as the track’s all-time winningest driver.