Lt. Gov. Phil Scott works at Newport Country Club

June 19, 2013 -- Some of Vermont’s business leaders have been known to take their work to the golf course on a summer afternoon. But for Lt. Governor Phil Scott, yesterday’s outing at the Newport Country Club was all work and no play.

Scott labored alongside Course Superintendent Ryan McCaffrey and other members of the club’s grounds crew as part of his “Vermont Everyday Jobs Tour,” where he visits different companies and works a few hours in someone else’s shoes. Since he started the initiative in 2011, Lt. Gov. Scott has worked with more than two dozen organizations ranging from manufacturing to health care to teaching second grade.

The Lieutenant Governor’s duties yesterday included edging and trimming, replenishing sand in the bunkers, and cutting new cups on the greens. “I was surprised how labor-intensive it is and how much hand-work goes into keeping up a golf course,” Scott said.

The sunny weather brought out lots of golfers, making for a busy day at the club and many conversations about current issues. “Many people came up to talk to me while they were golfing, and affordability came up a lot,” he said. Despite general optimism about upcoming development in the region, Scott said the issues on people’s minds were the same ones he’s heard elsewhere in the state: jobs don’t pay enough, and young people are moving away.

Scott said his overall impression from his day at the club was “very indicative of Vermont as a whole: it’s a beautiful place kept up by hardworking employees, and as much as people enjoyed being outside on a gorgeous day, they also worried a bit about what their future would look like.”