Lt. Governor Phil Scott Issues Statement on F-35 Decision

December 4, 2013 - Lt. Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement regarding the Air Force’s decision to base the F-35 aircraft at the Vermont Air National Guard:

“The announcement that the United States Air Force will base the F-35 program in Burlington is a victory for Vermont’s future and an affirmation of the Vermont Air National Guard’s legacy of first-class service to our nation.

“This is a decision that many Vermonters, myself included, have been advocating for since it was first contemplated. It creates jobs. It bolsters the local economy. Most importantly, it keeps Americans safe. I am also thankful that the Guard is committed to working with airport neighbors to address noise and environmental concerns.

“When this new generation of aircrafts land in Vermont, it will deliver an important message: The future of the Air Force, and thus our nation’s security, is in the best of hands.”